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What's the difference between Leader, Standalone, Follower, and Preview?
  1. Leader mode is used to control a group of stations.  When Leader mode is selected that station tells all other stations in Follower or Preview modes to load whatever Playlist or Event the leader has loaded.  There can only be one leader at a time in a group of stations. 
  2. Follower mode should be the most commonly used mode.  A station in Follower mode will load the event or playlist that the current Leader station has loaded.  A follower station will change songs anytime a leader station changes songs, however follower stations are not allowed to change songs on their own but they can change their pages. 
  3. Preview Mode behaves identically to Follower mode except stations can navigate to a different song in the current playlist independent of what song the current leader is on. 
  4. Stand alone mode allows each station to act independently from each other.  Be aware that if multiple stations running in Standalone have the same event or playlist loaded confusing things might happen as multiple changes are made to the same event or playlist.  Generally Standalone mode should be used very sparingly and mostly in singe station environments. 

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