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Practice Module

Practice Music Remotely -Share music across the web

SamePage Practice Module -because it's nice to share

Here and There
Plan your music here.

Go ahead, get all creative. Make playlists. Create events. Assign parts to band members. Pull up songs. Edit them. Change the key. Annotate. Then let it fly! Notify the team that your latest creation is ready. No need to gather all the music together and figure out how to get it to everyone. No need to remember who has what sheet music stuffed in folders or safely stored in the trunk of their mom's car. No, the hardest thing you need to do at this point is write a gently worded email to let people know they need to practice practice practice. Heck, you don't even have to be gentle.

They practice it there.

The band just logs in to SamePage, pulls up the music program, and starts practicing. All their music is there, all the parts, all your notes. They can add their own notes and save it to their account. It's all in the cloud so their music goes where they go. They come to practice. They log in and there's their music. They go to a friend's house to practice and their music's there. Make changes to the program or change a band member's role, and the changes are there. No problem. Well, actually there is a problem. How is the band going to come up with an excuse for not practicing? They can't "lose" it. They can't claim ignorance. Dog can't eat it. Sorry band.


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